Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of professionals is Whel made for?

For now, whel is focused on setting up relationships and networks for those in the musculoskeletal space, including Physical Therapists, but the programs are for everyone.

How is whel different from an HEP (home exercise program) program?

Whel offers both automated, premade HEP programs and a robust, easy to use custom HEP builder. Our selection of clinician-approved, premade programs delivers step-by-step video instruction and education wherever and whenever your client needs it.

In addition to HEP, the programs include movement goals that can be tracked via our integration with wearable devices, education modules, daily and weekly challenges, and a visual roadmap of your patients journey back to their goal.

What is a program comprised of?

Traditionally, Physical Therapists don't build HEP programs in a 'Program' fashion. Most tend to operate on a weekly or monthly HEP update. That is, assign 3-5 exercises to a patient at eval, and then update occasionally.

Here are the issues with that approach:

- Each time you go in to update, it takes time, and depending on the product you use you have to send a whole new HEP

- Many PTs don't have time to continually update, and those that do have the time might forget because you're balancing so much clinical work including documentation

- Patients don't have any idea what their journey looks like, so how are they supposed to stay engaged?

We advocate for PTs to begin building templated programs that will eventually save you time. Each time you have a new patient with a similar case as a previous patient, you can re-use that program and make small changes quickly to tailor it to that patient's case.

Patients love being able to see what they'll be doing and accomplishing down the roa

Are these programs for ‘discharge’ only?

They’re not just for discharge!

We are partnering with clinics right now where the clinicians enroll patients in programs at discharge to help patients reach their goals. BUT these programs can be used during treatment, as a replacement or an add on to the patients current HEP program.

Consider the following example:

Sarah is in her third week of physical therapy for anterior knee pain (right leg). She’s working hard with her awesome PT John twice a week! But Sarah says her left knee is feeling weaker than it used to, and she’s concerned working on only her right knee at therapy will cause he problems when she’s discharged. John enrolls Sarah in a program in the whel platform for general lower body strength, he advises her to avoid any exercises on the right knee that cause pain, but otherwise to follow the program in parallel with care. Sarah gets discharged and her right knee pain is significantly better, and she now has the confidence to keep moving forward towards her goal because she’s continued to train her left knee and her whole lower body throughout the wholeprocess

Can anyone download the app and find a program even if I don’t enroll them?

We've temporarily removed the ability for anyone to download the app, and it's currently by invite code only. If you're working with a provider in the Whel network, they can build you a program and send an invite to your phone via text message.

Anyone can download the app through the apple app store or google play store. Without an invite code, they won't be able to log in to the app.

Who builds the programs?

Our Whel programs are built by expect, licensed physical therapists using our sophisticated ‘whel builder’. You can think of this as a very advanced HEP builder that isn't currently available to PTs building HEP programs.

We’re always looking for more ‘builders’, so if you’re interested send us a message at support@comprisehealth.com and we’ll set up a time to talk!

What makes these program unique?

We think there are many things special about these programs, but our favorite is that the programs are highly dynamic, allowing the patient or user to do what they want to do to reach their goals.

For example, patients can swap exercises if they have something they don’t personally like. Were you prescribed a hamstring stretch but it hurts to lie down on the floor? You can swap that exercise for a standing hamstring stretch instead.

Missing a piece of equipment, like a dumbbell or band? Swap the exercise for something bodyweight only that still works toward the same goal.

Additionally, patients can select different session lengths to match their interest and intensity. If you're in a rush today and only have 5-10 minutes to complete your HEP, just select the express option in the session details page to get a shortened version of your regular HEP.

Why would I want to use your programs for my patients in replacement of traditional HEP?

We think the way PT’s make HEP programs currently is extremely inefficient. Most PTs are overworked, and underpaid, and spend their free time making HEP programs and documenting sessions for billing.

With our premade programs, you can put your faith in us to build robust, enjoyable programs for patients.

Because most PTs have the constraints mentioned above, HEP programs don’t change as often as they should through an episode of care and they don’t adjust based on someone’s progress.

Our programs are built to change as people make program and check off goals. By keeping the program dynamic and adaptable, the patient will be more engaged than if they did the same 3-5 exercises for the entire 6-8 weeks they're with you during their plan of care.

Can I keep in touch in patients after discharge through the app and monitor their progress even though they’re no longer in my care?

Yes! We have messaging built in to the app and you can maintain a touch point with a patient if you both choose to do so.

What is RTM and how can it benefit my practice?

RTM (remote therapeutic monitoring) is a new category of digital health services. The codes are part of the 2022 Physician Fee Schedule, and became effective January 1st 2022. If you’re interested in how your practice can use RTM to help more patients set up a call with us!

How is Whel different from other HEP software solutions?

Our platform is quite different from typical HEP software. Other platforms require a constant hands-on approach from the perspective of the professional. Our solution blends HEP with a more consumer-friendly experience, akin to industry-leading wellness apps, allowing you to spend more time practicing at the top of your license during your patient’s visits, instead of fiddling about with HEP configuration. Here are some differences we're proud of:


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