Redefine the HEP and RTM experience.

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Whel is in beta and free for now.

Want to build a basic HEP program like everyone else? We can easily help you do that.

OR…use our advanced features to create a unique, dynamic experience your patients have never seen before…One that improves outcomes and modernizes the patient experience, giving you a significant competitive advantage over clinics stuck in the past.

You may have heard of RTM by now. It’s a new set of codes that allows providers to bill for HEP with Medicare patients. Set someone up on an HEP plan like you normally would, and remotely monitor them throughout the month. We’ve automated this to make it as easy as possible for clinicians so it doesn’t detract for your already busy schedule.

Whel provides in app messaging so you can communicate with patients when necessary. Send exercises and updates to your patient through the messaging feature.

We’ve put a massive effort into making the patient experience seamless, enjoyable and repeatable.

We know compliance with in person visits and HEP is a large predictor of patient success (and clinic revenue) and by focusing on the patients more we’ve found that people actually enjoy doing their exercises now.

Whel offers patients classes and programs to participate in after you’ve discharged them. We’ll keep working with them to help them reach their goals. If they need help, we refer them back to your clinic when/if necessary and you can pick right up where you left off.

When you invite a patient to use your program in the Whel mobile app, they’ll automatically be provided education on different topics around musculoskeletal care. 

Example of topics included:

  • Treatment expectations
  • Pain science and the BPS model
  • Active vs passive treatments
  • How big a role exercise and movement play in musculoskeletal health
  • Delayed onset muscle soreness 

We work with a number of partners that refer patients to clinics in the Whel network. Once you’re a member of Whel, we will start pushing patients your way.

Whel partners with a number of companies in the con-ed space and product space to provide deep discounts to providers.

What is Remote Therapeutic Monitoring?

RTM is an enhanced HEP service which guides your patients while they are away from the clinic and keeps you in the loop.  By offering your patients RTM, you can:

  • improve patient outcomes by providing an engaging, dynamic, and interactive home exercise program
  • significantly increase your company’s revenue with minimal impact to your existing workflow

  • empower your therapists to perform at their full potential 

Join the wellness revolution.